Edgar Wright Movies

The other night I watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World again and as usual, quite enjoyed it. Its one of those movies that hangs together so well and is so thoroughly enjoyable that I tend to put it on when nothing else strikes my fancy. When the credits rolled, I was floored to see that I’d never realized this was an Edgar Wright film. I am a big fan of the “Cornetto Trilogy” and never put together that these were the same director. It figures really.

Also, Captain America is Lucas Lee, the skateboarding movie star. Honest!

Cartoon Voices Reading Star Wars

This came to me via Facebook. At the Emerald City Comicon in 2012, a bunch of cartoon voice talent was assembled to read a portion of the Star Wars radio play. The results are sometimes unexpected, but VERY FUNNY! This is a long video, clocking in at over an hour, and be warned of some foul language if that’s not your thing. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

The previous night the same voice actors read from several different scripts. This is amusing as well.

Bjork, Biophilia and Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry and Bjork; they fit so well together artistically. Both positioned in some otherworldly, yet familiar, heart warming place. They can still create fairy tales of other worlds where science has new rules, or no rules.

The video for “Crystalline”from Biophilia is what you would expect, but still mesmerizing escapist fun when you need a 5 minutes to recharge. More intriguing is the new album or whatever you want to call it that Bjork is putting out. It is also an iPad app, traveling exhibition, a music education tool, and includes a discussion of Bjork’s take on the natural world.

The visuals alone are intriguing. The many avenues inside Bjork’s creative process while putting this album together is inspiring in the least. I feel like I could spend many enjoyable hours discussing the connection between nature and technology with them over a pint or a cup of coffee. The video itself leaves much food for thought.

Ok Go Performs The Muppets Theme

Ok Go is an amazing group of guys. They have pretty consistently come up with interesting ways to promote their music, usually with music videos. Their videos have been entertaining and we have done our part to spread the word about what we see as their genius.

Today, The Green Album was released. This is a tribute album to the Muppets. It features songs by a bunch of different artists, including Ok Go. What a fantastic combination!

A Bit of the Old Spectacle and Grandure of the Theater

This past weekend I saw a movie at a local second run theater. The theater itself is an old theater and has been kept as a single large auditorium. Beyond that, this theater still maintains an operating organ and on Fridays and Saturdays they have an organist play before the shows. What an amazing thing to hear! It was a small peek at what the theater experience used to be. If there is a theater in your area that has a cinema organ, take the time to seek it out and give it a listen.

Digital Copy Expiration, Why?

I have become a fan of digital copies included with DVDs and Blu-Rays. I do not own an AppleTV, buy I have an iPhone and an iPad and of course a computer. I like having the movies in a format I can take with me if I wish. There’s just one thing I do not like about digital copies. I don’t like the expiration date.

To be clear, the digital copy itself doesn’t expire, but the opportunity to activate the copy expires. In many cases, this just does not make sense. In a few cases it does. The expiration date is frustrating because it is not obvious it exists. Look at the packaging of most movies with digital copies and the fact you have a limited time to activate it is hidden in small print while the existence of the digital copy is bold front and center.

In some cases, the digital copy of the film is not on a disk with the film, but online and must be downloaded. This is the case of the Harry Potter movies I have. In those cases, the expiration is understandable because the company has to provide bandwidth for those downloads and likely wants to keep that expense down. It is still frustrating that I am unable to take advantage of a feature because I wasn’t quick enough to download it. These things are big and you need to have enough storage to handle them.

The cases that are most frustrating are when the digital copy is supplied on a disk within the packaging and that digital copy expires. Why? You’ve just made that disk a coaster. It’s useless. The cost to the producer is already paid. Why does that expire?

Now, the fact that these CAN expire doesn’t mean they WILL expire. I had a wonderful case in point last night. I ran across the digital copy activation code for Mama Mia while looking through my movies. I know I hadn’t activated it and looked at the bottom of the paper. It said it could be unavailable after sometime in 2009, don’t remember the exact date. I decided to try anyway and to my pleasant surprise, it worked! Bravo!

At first, I was very selective with what digital copies I downloaded. I wanted to conserve my hard drive space. Once I found that the codes expired, I changed my tune and downloaded all the codes I had. Some were expired. I was not happy with those at all. Now I download any digital copies I get as soon as I can. Hard drives are pretty cheap these days and just because you might not want to see Alvin and the Chipmunks on your computer today doesn’t mean you’ll change your mind later. Play it safe and download those copies while you have the chance.

BFX Show has Sadly Ended

It has been a while since I have actively watched the show, but I was sad to hear that BFX has ended. BFX (the B is for Backyard) was a show about making visual and special effects on a shoestring. It tended to be humorous and focus more on practical effects which made it quite different from VideoCopilot or FilmRiot. In the end, the guys doing the show are just ready to move on. I wish them luck. See the final episode below.

On Midnight Screenings

Tonight (tomorrow morning technically) the second half of the final Harry Potter movie is released upon the world. I had hoped to join the throngs for this event, but unfortunately I was too late to get tickets. I am very disappointed about this because midnight screenings like this are events like no other and are something you should really experience once in your life.

My first midnight opening was for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. This was the eye-opener that prompted seeing the other two Star Wars prequels as midnight openings as well. I am a long time Star Wars fan and was naturally excited to see a new Star Wars movie. What made the experience so great was the energy of all fans being together to experience their passion. My wife, not a big fan, got caught up in the experience and really enjoyed it. Honestly, the experience and the energy made up for what was less than a stellar movie.

I haven’t been to another midnight opening since the Star Wars prequels. I think the reason is there isn’t another movie series that pumps my blood quite as much. The Lord of the Rings series would have been a good choice. The Harry Potter series also had potential. I do believe the final Harry Potter movies will be spectacular experience for those who are able to go. Based on the number of screens showing the movie and the fact they are all sold out already, I have to believe the atmosphere will be incredible! I am truly sorry to miss it.

“But wait” you say, “I want to see the MOVIE and not people being crazy during a film I want to see.” Not to fret my friend. The people who come to midnight screens tend to be fans of the film and want to see it too. They tend to be quiet and respectful during the actual screening. At least that has been my experience. I am sure there are people who will want to shout and inject their particular breed of humor or insight into the screening, but I’ve had that happen at normal screenings too. What can I say? Assholes. They’re out there. You know who you are.

In the future I will try and see another midnight screening. My biggest target at the moment is the Hobbit movies. They are looking pretty good and given the fan base for The Lord of the Rings series, there should be a lot of excited people in costume! So let go of your hesitation. The experience is certain to give you stories and memories for years to come. And you might just see a good movie at the same time!